Bessy's Story

Meet Bessy. She is a farmer in Zambia's Petauke district and each year she has to look for
funds for faming inputs such maize seeds, fertilizer and insecticide. The problem she faces is
that she lacks an effective means of gaining access to credit in order to purchase these inputs
as she often has to resort to borrowing from family, taking money from her saving as well as
borrowing from credit providers who often charge high interest rates which make it difficult
for her to pay back.

With AgPay, she is able to go into an agro-dealer store registered with us and pay for the
inputs she needs via mobile phone. She is also able to tap into her saving on the platform which
grow with interest, borrow from the platform via credit facilities designed for farmers and receive
insurance monies within 24hrs which protects her from risk in case of emergencies e.g. floods,
army worms etc. With AgPay, farmers are able to use mobile money to purchase input subsidies
such as insecticides, fertilizers etc. from agro-dealers thereby improving food security
and allowing farmers to access the finance they need in order
to have a successful harvest.

: (+260) 971 981 697 / (+260) 963 148 637

: Plot 192/23a Makeni, Lusaka, Zambia